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THEPVONGSA Architecture is an international interior design company based in Thailand and CLMV countries. Current;y we have office in Bangkok,Thailand and Vientiane,Laos. We are providing comprehensive interior and architectural design services for residential, commercial and hospitality properties, creating the ultimate in luxury interiors.

Offering a highly personalised bespoke service, we place great importance and commitment to building strong client relationships, tailoring our process to meet each clientĺs needs, delivering a full interior architecture, furniture design and turn-key styling service from concept through to completion. Our projects combine a detail driven meticulous approach with a signature elegant and luxurious style.We are always happy to customize enchanting and marvelous designs for your units. Contact us more to find out why we are one of the best design companies in CLMV countries.

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Our  Interior Design & Service Prices
We are not selling furniture,  but we are selling the dream

1. Initial Concept Precentation

  Deposit: 10,000 Baht / 100 sq.m.
  A deposit of 100% of the deposit will be refunded when the customer signs the contract.
  Working time: 7 days, 14 days, and the difficulty of the job.

      - The team will be discussing the requirements with the customer, both functional and design styles.
      - Lay-Out Provisioning Concept to meet customer needs.
      - Presentation of preliminary construction appraisal. To check the budget to redeem
      - Presenting the design contract within the quotation.

2. Interior Design 

  Design: 500 - 3,000 Baht / sq.m. of total area
  If less than 100 square meters, the fee is 60,000 baht.
  Working time: 3-6 weeks
  Interior design contract is divided into 2 installments.

- Pay 70% of the 3D presentation team from all works.
- Pay 20% including all furniture design (Detail Design & Working Drawing)
- Pay 10% of the actual construction price "Interior contract"

3. Interior Construction

Construction Fee: 8000 - 45000 Baht / sq.m. of total area
Construction cost is 100% of the actual construction price. Working time: 4-12 months with 4 installments.

- Signed construction contract.
 - Pay 40% of the actual construction price on the contract signing date for the construction material to be entered.
- Pay 30% of the actual construction cost when built-in.
- Pay 20% of the actual cost of construction when primed.
- Pay 10% of the appraised price for actual construction. Completed Built-in Furniture

* Note :  the above price is a list of typical work values ​​in the work only by the actual work value will be adjusted according to the material details. And the budget of the interior, and depending on the difficulty of the page to facilitate the design and interior.

Terms  & Condition of Budget for a project.
We will seperate the interior work into two contract, Design contract and construction contract. Starting at an average starting price of 8,000 ฿ -45,000 ฿ / sq.m. Includes Built-in furniture, Curtain, Wallpaper, but exclude loose furniture and more others.
 *** Average job not included bathroom, kitchen, floating furniture, system works such as air conditioning, lighting, chenderlier and wall decoration lamp And structural work such as windows and doors 

Terms of delivery and other details.
 1. The preliminary work will send the work as CD Rom or E-mail by File Jobs will be PDF to the customer. Can be viewed and when finished the work will be delivered in a set.
2. The form can be modified not more than 3 times and not more than 30-40% of the work. If exceeded, the new work will be charged according to the details of the work.
3. In the event of a visit to the site. Upon completion of the work, the employer must transfer the deposit 30% of the value of the work to the contractor before commencing work.
4. The work order or submission will be in writing. Of those responsible for both parties. Sign and date each time.
5. This price is exclusive of VAT and withholding tax.
Premium Luxury classic
Luxury Classic
NEO Classsic
HALL /Hotel Luxury  5000m²+
Loft Style
Price Range : 15,000▀/m² - 20,000▀/m²
Price Range : 30,000▀/m² - 45,000▀/m²
Price Range : 8,000▀/m² - 12,000▀/m²
Price Range : 7,000▀/m² - 12,000▀/m²
Price Range : 8,000▀/m² - 12,000▀/m²
Price Range : 20,000▀/m² - 25,000▀/m²

Styles and Prices
Your Style and Your Budget
Price Range : 12,000▀/m² - 20,000▀/m²
Price Range : 8,000▀/m² - 12,000▀/m²
3D Production Design, What you see is What you get
Fit out and Installation
Price Range : 12,000▀/m² - 20,000▀/m²
Contact Us

33 G TOWER RAMA09, Huangkaung 
Bangkok 103310, Thailand
Tel : +662 954577888
Fax : +2145678

JIRO COPORATION Building , Saysettha 
Vienitane, LAOS 856
Tel : +856 20 563818888